Deed Restrictions

Your homeowners association is empowered to enforce architectural and maintenance standards. In addition, in most communities, the Board of Directors of your HOA has the power to determine what constitutes a nuisance to the community. The Board must, however, avoid using this power to enforce matters of taste.
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR's) are also referred to as "deed restrictions." Through this document you contracted to adhere to a certain standard of maintenance and behavior within the community.
When you closed on your house with the title company, the title policy that you signed states that, as a homeowner, you are contractually obligated to comply with the deed restrictions. This agreement is between the homeowner and your homeowners' association. When you are in non-compliance of said deed restrictions, legal action may be used against the homeowner by the association. Enforcing deed restrictions are essential to maintaining property values and preserving the residential character of the neighborhood.

You will receive a copy of your community Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions ("Deed Restrictions") at closing. You may also: 

  • Call the title company for a copy
  • Check on your community's website (if available)
  • Navigate to your community in My Community
  • Contact our office and request a copy
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